The Kollel Chatzot Experience

The avreichim share their unique experience of midnight study in the special atmosphere of the Kollel Chatzot.

From the very first day I joined the Kollel Chatzos of Harav Deutsh I understood on a deeper level what it means to truly learn torah and what it means to become close to Hashem. It is almost impossible to describe in words the unity, love and joy which exists amongst the avreichim of the kollel. In particular, the love and warmth that Harav Deutsch radiates, influences everyone to learn with joy and peace of mind. His charisma and elevated personality ignites the hidden spark which lies within all our hearts to torah and tefilla. When this spark is ignited all our emotions are changed and improved.

Our holy sefarim discuss the importance of learning Torah with joy. When a person learns Torah with joy, he remembers and understands the subjects better, and it brings us closer to Hashem. This is especially true when one studies with joy at midnight. It is a time when everything is quiet and all the daytime disturbances are absent. When one is in such a holy place of torah and prayer, at such a peaceful time, then it is impossible not to think about Hashem and not to pray for the troubles of klal Yisrael, and to beg Hashem to take each and every Yid out of his troubles and to enlighten him with the light of torah so he will come to the understanding that there is nothing in this world except for Hashem who cares for all our needs and watches over everything.

I think that the unique, peaceful atmosphere of the Kollel Chatzos cannot be found anywhere else in this world. This realization brings joy to all the avreichim who learn there, because they realize that they are experiencing a rare and uncommon opportunity. When we return to our homes, we influence our wives and children as well, to experience the joy of Torah and avodas Hashem, because the atmosphere of the kollel continues with the avreichim throughout the day, and to everyone they meet.

Harav Deutsch is planning to build a beis medresh for Torah tefillah, and avodas Hashem for the Kollel Chatzos. Presently the kollel is cramped into a small beis medrash. Surely such an endeavor will increase the peacefulness and joyful torah study and prayer manifold.

I pray to Hashem that Harav Deutsch's ambitions comes to fruition, because that will surely increase Hashem's honor in the world.

Your Sincerely,
Shlomo Meir Handler